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Lack of planning and structure can be very draining mentally, physically and emotionally so much more than just making a daily plan to stick to!
Your days should never feel busy and overwhelming. The should feel productive! You should feel accomplished and fulfilled by the end of your day when you establish a positive daily routine.
So have a clear, positive mindset, be proactive by planning with a daily to-do list, eat “productive” foods, drink 8 oz of water every hour throughout your day, schedule your workout, have a workout buddy, coach or trainer to keep you accountable, and go to bed feeling happy and satisfied!

Grit it http://omegagirlfitness.com/2018/11/29/grit-it/ Thu, 29 Nov 2018 15:15:18 +0000 http://omegagirlfitness.com/?p=211

Someone, well not just anyone, an amazing man and published author, Brian P. Swift asked me recently what I thought the definition of “grit” was. 

To me grit means being tough, working hard and not stopping until success, or the goal is reached. Never giving up even despite the odds. Perseverance. 

He also asked me if I felt grit was something learned or already in our DNA

I think characteristics of grit can somewhat be learned by watching and being in the presence of others who demonstrate grit. If you’ve been around those types of people your whole life, most likely you acquired some of those qualities, ethics and mindset. But, obviously one could be around that their whole lives and still may lack the desire, drive, or capabilities to truly display grit

His third question for me, was asking me if I felt that I had Grit!

I don’t know. Do I? 
My drive started around age 6 or 7 when I realized boys could play football but not girls. I remember being so angry over that. I played football with the boys all the time in the neighborhood and was just as good! I played softball, but needed more of a challenge so at age 13, I played boys baseball! Whether I was liked or supported was not my problem! I proved I could “hang” with the boys and I was having a blast learning, growing, improving and doing what I loved! 

I was a longshot trying out for college level softball. Did that stop me from making the team?

I was extremely, painfully shy as a little girl and hated school. To the point, that I almost never graduated.
Yet, I became a teacher! 🤔

Did losing my breast due to cancer prevent me from lifting weights, playing softball, tennis, golf, having body confidence, living a strong, healthy, fulfilling life?

Did that or my age (49) stop me from stepping on one of the largest stages to compete in a bikini competition?

Every time I was told that I couldn’t do something, or the odds were against me, I became more determined than ever to prove that I could! 

My drive, my determination in everything I do is very strong. Whether it was graduating college (a huge personal achievement honestly), getting over my shyness to become a teacher, then to become a leader, a department chair person, a head coach, a teacher workshop presenter, a mom, 😳 x3😳😳😳. A college adjunct, a cancer survivor, and a freaking bikini competitor at age 50, 😂 and now own my own business. 

Grit was possibly learned on my part, as both my parents (Sy Sabatini) and (Charlie Sabatini) were hard workers and determined, always hustling, always grinding. So glad I grew up with that. I had the absolute best role models!

But what was always in my heart, deep down within me is something only God could give me and that is what will be my destiny. 

My love, my passion, my determination, my desires, my talents, my perseverance, my ability to hustle, to grind, to dig deep, to fight, to never give up, to say fuck the odds, to smile, to stay positive, to believe in myself, to believe in God, to have the ability to go all in with all my heart, and never stop and never fear is what makes me, me. So, yes Brian P. Swift, perhaps I am “gritty” and there’s no stopping me now!😉

Work for it, live it, own it, grit it!
…and follow my blog www.omegagirlfitness.com

📸 Rick Bancroft Photography — at The Highlands of Chesterfield, Virginia.

Thanksgiving Blessings http://omegagirlfitness.com/2018/11/25/thanksgiving-blessings/ Sun, 25 Nov 2018 01:24:51 +0000 http://omegagirlfitness.com/?p=181

I never know where life is taking me and I never really worry about it. I wake up every single morning feeling thankful and ready to hustle and tackle goals.
I’m blessed with so many beautiful and amazing people in my life and wonderful opportunities daily.
Opportunities to be healthy, to better myself, to take myself to the next level both personally and professionally.
There are so many things I plan to accomplish, experience and enjoy and I know it will all come together when the time is right.
❤Until then, I will continue to embrace who I am today while I work on who I will be tomorrow.❤
Living a great, strong, ageless, blessed and grateful life with my family and many friends loving and supporting me while knowing the best is still yet to come!
Wishing all of you an amazing, thankful week of happiness and blessings! Make it count!

Can You Commit? http://omegagirlfitness.com/2018/08/14/can-you-commit/ Tue, 14 Aug 2018 14:02:32 +0000 http://omegagirlfitness.com/?p=73 Can you commit to one new thing for 21days? Choose one new healthy goal and stick with it for 21 days. Maybe it is to drink a glass of water every morning when you wakeup, or how about 21 sit ups a day, read one bible verse a day, or have a 5 minute snuggle-cuddle with a loved one everyday. Whatever one thing you choose for your overall health and wellness, keep it simple, stick with it for 21 days, have a positive attitude and just enjoy it!

My Why! What Is Your Why? http://omegagirlfitness.com/2018/08/03/58/ Fri, 03 Aug 2018 13:47:52 +0000 http://omegagirlfitness.com/?p=58

Everyone should know their WHY! What is your why?

Why do I do what I do?


Why did I compete in bodybuilding?  To challenge myself to reach a personal goal and a new level of fitness
Why did I become a personal trainer?   To challenge others to reach a personal goal and a new level of fitness
Why did I become an art teacher?   To teach others to appreciate the fine arts
Why am I a health and wellness coach?   To teach others appreciate their bodies
Why do I continue to take courses in art, education, health, wellness, and earn more certifications year after year?   For self-improvement and to better serve others
Why do I often change career paths?   Because I am constantly changing and growing and learning new directions to reach more people that I can teach and help them do the same
Why do I continue to move geographically often?   So I can support my husband in his career paths as he is constantly learning and growing to better serve our nation’s needs in industry.
Why do I donate to causes and volunteer my time? To share my knowledge and talents with others. To serve and to give back. It is my duty and it’s very rewarding
Why do I pray daily and go to church? For inner peace. Spiritual peace. It is my duty. It’s extremely rewarding
Why do I take the time send a quick text, private message or to not only just “LIKE” a friend’s post, but often comment? To share in their happiness or offer support in other ways
Why do I take the time to post on social media? To inspire, encourage, and share my happiness with all of you
Why do I set small daily goals? To feel accomplished
Why do I set long term big goals? To feel empowered
Why am I sharing this? To empower you

It’s not that difficult really! I do what I do each and every day to make myself a better version of me. I don’t want to be the same exact person I was yesterday. I won’t settle for that and you should not either.
When was the last time you did something to improve yourself? I hope you answered yesterday, or an hour ago, or a minute ago!
How about you do something for yourself today that makes you feel good about yourself, that makes you feel accomplished, fulfilled, rewarded, proud, happy, empowered! And all you beautiful mom’s out there, please do even more for yourself tomorrow! You earned it and you deserve it.
Set goals, then set bigger goals. Never stop learning, growing and becoming a better version of you!
Your first goal towards self improvement is to FIND YOUR WHY and WRITE IT DOWN! Read it out loud, reflect on it and be sure you are living your life as the best possible version of you each and every day and you are living with purpose!

Love Yourself http://omegagirlfitness.com/2018/07/30/hello-world/ http://omegagirlfitness.com/2018/07/30/hello-world/#respond Mon, 30 Jul 2018 16:27:57 +0000 http://omegagirlfitness.com/?p=1

We all have them … insecurities about our bodies: I’m too fat. My butt is too big. Why can’t I have abs like hers?

Throw that self-doubt out the door and stop comparing yourself to others. LOVE YOURSELF for who you are because that’s what makes you unique!

Loving yourself means treating yourself right, so if there’s something you want to improve about your health and fitness, do it – but do it for YOU – not for anyone else.

Stay positive and grateful because you have too much to be thankful for. So love yourself first, then everything else will fall into place!


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