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PLAN FOR IT | Omega Girl Fitness,LLC

Some days I need to split up my workout. I may only have time for cardio in the mornings before work and save my lifting session for later in the day, because that is when I can fit them in. I don’t skip them.I make shifts in my schedule for them. It is important to accommodate your workouts to fit your lifestyle and schedule. Just PLAN FOR IT! That way, you have zero excuses and it’s simply part of your to-do list! I find it easier and more motivating to sign-up for and attend group fitness classes. They generally run the same time every week so they can be built into my schedule. It becomes routine!
Lack of planning and structure can be very draining mentally, physically and emotionally so much more than just making a daily plan to stick to!
Your days should never feel busy and overwhelming. The should feel productive! You should feel accomplished and fulfilled by the end of your day when you establish a positive daily routine.
So have a clear, positive mindset, be proactive by planning with a daily to-do list, eat “productive” foods, drink 8 oz of water every hour throughout your day, schedule your workout, have a workout buddy, coach or trainer to keep you accountable, and go to bed feeling happy and satisfied!